Magic Genius was founded by science fiction writer E.W. Doc Parris to solve a number of problems he saw in the traditional publishing industry when it came to speculative fiction in general and science fiction specifically. He felt the current trend toward a monolithic publishing singularity where a very few super-sized powerhouses stand at the gates of every bookstore in the world — well that just isn’t sustainable.

He envisioned a way to enable writers to follow a simpler path for their stories to reach the bookshelves.

Magic Genius was conceived as a partnership between writers who’ve made the journey, and new writers just starting their climb.

We’re just starting out. Watch us climb together.


Let’s make more science fiction. Let’s make more diverse science fiction. Let’s encourage more writers to write and publish their vision of what could be.


Let’s offer the training, tools and services to streamline the publishing process. Lets take down the roadblocks and put up a few guardrails.


Let’s create a publishing platform that promotes diversity, welcomes new voices, and foster excitement about the future of science fiction writing.