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It turns out “Move fast and break things” is terrible advice when developing a time machine.

To resuscitate his fading celebrity, tech CEO Stephen Lucas would sell his soul for one more hit. When the subspace network for his holographic gaming empire crashes, his hardware guru makes a discovery proving that Einstein was right once again— information can be sent backward in time.

Lucas sees a dream product for procrastinators. Want a pizza now? Send your order back in time 30 minutes. Forgot to make reservations at that chichi french restaurant two weeks ago? No worries. Buy that PowerBall ticket. Invest in that stock. Make a FaceTime call to a loved one that passed away a month ago.

It’s the time machine for the rest of us.

In a culture built on instant gratification, Lucas knows he has a hit that will seem like a dream come true on Wall Street. But when he rushes into beta testing before fully understanding the power he’s unleashing, he learns that the stuff dreams are made of can quickly become the stuff of nightmares.

The road to Hell is paved with cool inventions.



“The Dent In the Universe” by E.W. Doc Parris is one of the most, hard core science fiction novels, I have ever read. … I loved every bit of it. Needless to say, I was hooked from the beginning and got totally immersed in this roller-coaster ride of technology, missing persons, murder and pandemics. The author is brilliant in the way he makes it all come together. It’s fast paced, loaded with danger, gritty, gory, with devastation beyond the imagination. It’s also shockingly terrifying, with a bioengineered pandemic, zombies, COVID-28 nightmares, that leads to a dystopian world. Just how gratifying is it to get want you want right now, but what would happen if a mistake was made?

Maryann Kafka

Liminal Fiction


Loved this book! It has humour, horror, Action, believable science, love and friendship. Some great characters, and unexpected twists and turns. Once I’d picked it up it wouldnt let me be until I’d finished it

Bruce Arbuckle

Goodreads Reviewer


The Dent in the Universe is the spectacular scifi thriller and debut novel from EW Doc Parris. With the scientific complexity of Blake Crouch or Michael Crichton and the mythology of a Robert McCammon story, this blend of genres has something to satisfy almost everyone. Gamers won’t find a more compelling fictional universe than the one created for the Walrustech series.

…Parris has fully realized a vision with imaginative concepts to spare, making the first entry of the series completely satisfying as a standalone novel. The reader is carried along almost helplessly as the action unfolds through the eyes of dynamic characters rendered with cleverly crafted humor and authenticity. So much so that the next book in the series can’t come soon enough.

For a completely new vision of the future that addresses all our modern phobias of artificial intelligence, corporate-created pathogens, war mongering politicians and unstoppable technology, there’s only one place to look, and that’s the Walrustech Universe. Fans of Batman and Hannibal Lecter, 007 and Isaac Asimov will be equally at home there. Once you pick this one up, you won’t want to read anything else.

Jeff Corber

Librarian, Montgomery County Public Libraries


An Absolute Wild Ride!

It is rare that I have as much fun reading horror/SF as I did with this book. It’s a truly unique take on tech-bro culture, the dangers of human bravado, and the end of the world. Just when you think you know where the story is headed, Parris throws another curve ball at you. Absolutely delightful read!

Allison Gunn

Author, Nowhere


Neat exploration of apocalyptic time travel

Fully exploring the chosen framework of time travelling information not being able to disrupt the originator’s observed reality, this story is full of action, technology, and unexpected consequences. The author has done a great job of constructing a single horrible villain, basically the worst choice of person that might have access to a very limited beta test of time travel equipment with a six year bound. Probably not the worst outcome? I expect that the author chose to focus on a single point of failure because, had the beta test succeeded and the tech as described had been released into the hands of thousands of less accomplished villains with competing goals, the resulting apocalypse might have been a much more complete and chaotic one than the book’s horrifying climax.

Warren Rose

Amazon Reviewer


The author does a fantastic job of crafting a unique and powerful world that brings a rich blend of sci-fi and mystery storytelling. The detail the author puts into the more tech and scientific nature of the “time travel” element was great to see, and the inclusion of more business, mainstream-style approaches to the technology itself feels very real to the story being told and our own world as a whole.

This was the perfect emphasis on world-building and mythos that any hard-core sci-fi thriller has ever taken. The depths of character development and the realities of how our own modern-day “tech-bros” are seen by the broader public were greatly felt in this fictional world. The unique twist on the time travel element and the shift in tone as the sci-fi element soon takes a back seat to some more mystery, thriller, and even horror elements as the dark realities of any and all tech, but in particular this one, make themselves known and take the reader to a depth of internet hell that few could have seen coming.

The Verdict
Twisted, captivating, and thrilling, author E.W. Doc Parris’s “The Dent in the Universe” is a must-read sci-fi thriller you won’t be able to put down. The twists and turns in the narrative and the climactic finale will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and the atmospheric nature of the narrative will have readers invested in the author’s unique take on the sci-fi tech genre.

Anthony Avina

Goodreads Reviewer